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To evangelize & disciple believers into maturity.

To equip and train believers to fulfil their God given purpose.



To see our church become the church that God desires in our community, that can reap a great harvest in our city.

To see our Christian College enlarged to train young people and to raise up our youth to be people of influence in their generation


To send and support missionaries to foreign fields to be church planters, bible teachers, bible translators... etc


To go on Christian radio and television, sharing our teaching and vision with a great number of people


To own our own building with facilities for children's church, bible school, after school tutoring, etc


To be finacially stable and debt free, that we may invest in training leaders, influencing our city, sending out missionaries and  and planting churches


To raise up musicians who will play in the anointing of the Holy Spirit


















To magnify God through spirit filled worship, praise and prayer, to bring back Pentecost in the church by the activation of the Holy Spirit, resulting in healing, miracles and deliverance

To equip the body of Christ to fulfill godly vision, sound biblical teaching, leadership training to bring believers to maturity and effective ministry in Christ

To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world through effective evangelism and trained leaders, send out missionaries and mission teams, to build and plant churches throughout the world.

To train children to activate the gifts of God in them and make them effective leaders, filled with the Holy spirit and operating in the realm of the spirit, manifesting the power of God.


To reach the lost and hurting throughout the ministry of performing arts, which includes electrifying dramas, plays, praise dance and poetry.


To develop a feed and clothe the poor organization to help those who are in need, by sending barrels of food and clothing to the needy countries and states.


To raise up this generation of youths to function in their God given calling, by arming them with the Word of God.


To build a cathedral in a community where the community can be a part of the church with facilities for children's church, bible school, a fitness center, after school programs, mentoring programs, performing arts, conference rooms, etc.

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