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Apostle Nadine Forrest

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Ordained an Evangelist in 2001, a Pastor in 2013 and Apostle in 2014, solely by the appointment of God, in early 2005 was led by the Spirit of God to start her own church. As a charismatic leader and visionary called to operate under the fivefold ministry gifts, five years later, 2010, after first receiving the instructions to start a church left her church Holy Love Pentecostal Church of God where she served as an associate Pastor. And today, she is the senior Pastor and overseer of the Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries in Brooklyn, New York as well as India, Liberia, Pakistan, Jamaica and North Carolina.


Established in March 2010 with twelve members in her mother’s living room on Midwood Street, Brooklyn NY, Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries has reached a total of sixty plus members and growing steadily with the help of the Lord. It has since then moved from her mother’s home to its brand new location on 1216 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY. 


As a dynamic preacher, teacher, speaker, anointed woman of God and now author, Apostle Nadine Forrest has a passion for saving the lost and delivering those held bond by the kingdom of darkness. She has traveled extensively, preaching the Gospel of Christ, doing missions to meet the needs of the needy and the hurting, which has since led her to preach both internationally and domestically.


And in Novemeber of 2015, Apostle Nadine Forrest was awarded an Honorary Doctorate, Degree in Ministry becoming Dr. Nadine Forrest.

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