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Assistant Pastor Lesma Forrest

God is the center of my life! That's what she would say to you if you ask her and she is a true example of just that. Her life's mission is to worship Christ with her whole heart, serve him with her entire soul, have fellowship with His family and grow like Him in character in every way possible, in order to fulfill His mission in the world so that He receives the glory alone.


"My mission is to be a member of Christ's family and to be a model of His character. I want to be a minister of His grace and a messenger of His word, which is to love Christ. And I want to lead my family and others to do the same."


Currently one of the senior prophet of Bringing Back Deliverance Outreach Ministries, Pastor Lesma Forrest is also the leader of the Women's Ministry and also a part of the church's administrative team.


Assistant Pastor Dean Forrest

Pastor Dean Forrest was destined to preach. As a young child growing up in his native country, Jamaica, Pastor Dean Forrest would pretend to be a Pastor, wearing a black raincoat or what they call in those days a black frock, from his mother's wardrobe, not knowing he was acting out the will and purpose of God for his life. When he came to the United States, he brought with him a number of pervasive, perversed and whore-monger ways. But while on his way down his Damascus road, he met a young lady who invited him to church, where he immediately recieved Jesus as his Lord and savior. 


His mission that day was not to meet Christ and make him his savior but to feed his own selfish desires and make this person another statistic of his sexual perversion. However, it was while the pastor, Dr A.R Bernard Jr. spoke, that Pastor Dean became convicted and everything that he preached became a dagger to his heart.


Christ set Pastor Dean up that day and in 1998 he made the bold step to be dipped in a pool, to become a new man. Three month later, he took his first step into ministry evangelizing, which he did for almost seven years with the Atlantic Avenue train station being his main pulpit stage. And  with a heart for God’s people and a passion like no other, he took the bold step of ordination in 2011.


Pastor Dean Forrest is now in charge of the Men’s Ministry at Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries, Men of Vision International Evangelism (MOVIE) where he is nurturing men to be leaders and to carry the mantle as king, priest and prophet. He also assist with the Men’s Ministry at his former church, where he helps with presentations for orientations of recruits coming in to the organization. Pastor Forrest passion is to save souls for the kingdom of God and he lives by the motto, "I can do all things through Christ who is my strength" and "study to shew thyself approved, a workman need not to be ashamed, rightly divided the word of truth."





Associate Pastor Mary Saunders

Pastor Mary Saunders was called to Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministry at such of time as this to help foster the vision of the house; which is to draw the church back to its original Christendom.  She was called to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the age of forty-seven in Fayetteville, NC, and her soul mission is to make sure that this generation and the generations to follow at Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministry will not be a powerless generation. 


Before coming to Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministry, Mother Saunders worked in many different areas of ministry.  As an anointed prayer warrior, she was appointed to pray and counsel her assigned cell group and many souls through the prayer line; she helped establish, plan and promote the Women’s Ministry for the unifying of the sisterhood and she also, instituted, planned and supervised the Youth Ministry at her previous church. Also teaching youth and adults Sunday school classes.


As a community servant Minister, Mother Saunders was elected and sworn in as Chairperson for the Atlantic Towers Youth Program for three years, served as Board Member and was appointed Director of Women Population at Helping Hands Ministry for the homeless.

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